Universal Music Group
CLIENT: Universal Music / Penguin Books PROJECT: "Inside Sessions" – an online/hybrid mentor program for aspiring musicians and writers. CREATIVE LEADS: Jon Jurgens (Delux Agency); Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe (MySpace); Will Taylor (Universal, Los Angeles).
McClatchy News / Sacramento Bee
CLIENT: McClatchy News / Sacramento Bee PROJECT: Creative and content development for newspaper (print and online) promotions and public service. CREATIVE TEAM: David Flanagan (CD); Garth Nearents and Margaret Spengler & Laurie Widman (AD); Will Taylor (Copywriter/Lead Writer).
Muse of Fire / Arts Education
CLIENT: Muse of Fire (Tennessee), a non-profit providing theatre/film arts education for kids. PROJECT: Production and post for short film, "Big Day on Planet M.E.A.T." (based on sci-fi/fantasy story by 10-yr-old MOF student). CREATIVE TEAM: Lisa Crowder (Exec. Prod.); Stevie Ray Dallimore (Prod./Director); Will Taylor (Art/Design/DP/Edit).
Kaiser Permanente / Healthcare
CLIENT: Kaiser Permanente (Hospitals & Healthcare) PROJECTS: Ongoing creative for Kaiser's marketing and education initiatives – including video, animation, print and online. CREATIVE TEAM: Tom Birchfield & Laurie Widman (Kohara Agency); Will Taylor (Consultant - Copywriter + Illustrator where noted).
Misfit Agency / Flanagan Creative
CLIENTS: Various (Entertainment, Health, Financial, Tourism) PROJECT: Creative and content development for Misfit Agency (formerly Crocker / Flanagan) CREATIVE TEAM: David Flanagan (President/CD); Garth Nearents (AD); Will Taylor (Creative Consultant / Copywriter).
Trade Pubs & Sales Brochures
CLIENTS: Various (Software, Internet, Smart Homes & Retail) PROJECT: Software development; web-based services; tech-infused communities. CREATIVES: Will Taylor (Writer/Concepts) – w/ F. Johnson & H. Sorenson (CA); CooperLife Creative (TN, GA & TX); KMT Creative (TN/GA).
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